Garlic Allergy – Symptoms and Cure

garlicFood allergies are common and occur when the human immune system recognizes the proteins in a particular food as harmful and try to fight it out when they are actually harmless.It occurs not only by consuming the food but also by just the smell of the foods.

There are many foods that some people are allergic to and garlic is one of them. In case of allergies the human body produces immunoglobin and histamine in reaction to the allergen.

This happens because our body identifies the proteins in garlic to be harmful and in return releases histamine which causes the allergy. Some symptoms includeItching or swelling of the mouth, tongue or lipsEczemaAbdominal bloatingDrop in blood pressureNausea

Garlic contains allicin which is an amino acid and it has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. It is available only when garlic is taken in its natural form without being cooked. When cooked, garlic loses its allicin. It is also responsible for the allergies and also flares up some illnesses like asthma and respiratory related infections.

Symptoms of Garlic Allergy

Flatulence: Garlic is very sulphuric in nature and results in botulism and makes the intestinal tract react profusely. Consuming raw garlic in plenty can hamper your digestion.

Garlic causes inflammation in the stomach as a result of which there is stomach bloating, gas, heart burn and indigestion problems. These are very mild and often do not require much medication and will subside by itself.

Nasal Symptoms caused by Garlic: Garlic sometimes causes stuffy or runny nose to people who are allergic to the garlic dust. These symptoms subside within a short time even without any medicine if the use of garlic is stopped.

Skin rashes occur just by touching garlic in some people.

However these symptoms are very rare and can be easily overcome by taking anti-histamine tablets or some steroids if the need arises.

In very rare cases you can have acute vomiting and nausea – this condition is termed as anaphylaxis. Such cases can be treated with epinephrine. A physician may be consulted for better medical assistance. The best way to avoid it is to stop consuming it all together.

Epinephrine may be needed in severe cases
Epinephrine may be needed in severe cases

Treatment for Garlic Allergy

Physicians suggest some drugs like anti-inflammatory supplements like bromelin to be taken to treat garlic allergy symptoms. It is advised to be taken twice a day in dosage of 500 mg. In case of garlic’s effects on your digestive tract, bromelin is best taken with a meal. In case of allergy from garlic bromelin may be taken 20 minutes before or after a meal for its anti-inflammatory effects.

It is also suggested to take betaine hydrochloric acid in order to increase the acid in stomach which is responsible for the allergies.

Quercitin has anti-allergic properties and must be taken as advised by doctors. L-glutamine aids in repair of the lining in the small intestine and enhances nutrient absorption.

Taking Vitamin C tablets can help increase your tolerance levels as it contains bioflavonoids which might reduce the chances of garlic allergy symptoms.

6 thoughts on “Garlic Allergy – Symptoms and Cure”

  1. Can you clarify how garlic results in botulism? Particularly if it is antimicrobial, I don’t see how it can cause an infectious disease.

  2. Please rectify your statement. Your indication that Vitamin C contains Bioflavonoids is misleading.
    Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids are two completely different substances. Not all vitamin C supplements have Bioflavonoids added to them. In fact, most of them do not include the addition of bioflavonoids

  3. Apart from the insanely intense pain I get in my gut and bowel when I have eatten my meal and the week to 10 days I have in bed wishing I had died each time I have had to endure this torment for years. I have just realized that the error in reading the chicken stock box has not helped one little bit but it is such a paid cooking for yourself everyday from scratch that food becames totally unimportant but having become a diabetic the Doctors say it is really important to have regular 5 small meals a day but I can even get through 1 or 2 because my gut is so heavy and raw. Such a pain in the butt! My Dr. wasnt sure that this was for real to start with, he had never heard of it as an alergy and thought I becoming an attention seeker, That went down really well. If it was him cleaning up sick buckets and having to have showers due to runny tummies then I this he would do something about this toot sweet! I even asked the Chemist about Antihisamines and he didn’t even know anything about the situation and didn;t think it would do any good. NZ can cure cancer but knows nothing about this… not enough money in it!

    1. Nicky, what you describe used to be me. I had years of illness from food, where I spent days in bed wishing I would die, but that is no longer the case for me now unless I eat the wrong thing by mistake. (I only looked up this website after being rendered almost unconscious for several hours after eating garlic in home-made pesto). I got my health back by never eating anything with a preservative in it – which means cooking from scratch all the time, and giving up wheat, rye and barley and anything with gluten in it. I never eat commercial ‘gluten-free’ stuff (which are loaded with all kinds of things which will make me vomit, and give me migraines), and live on really simple but satisfying meals. Millet meal made into a porridge (one cup of millet meal to three cups of water, or simply halve those quantities) is a really soothing on the stomach breakfast or snack during the day. (I have mine with rice milk) . I make buckwheat pancakes and spread them with butter. I eat eggs, butter and meat and vegetables. I snack on almonds, or have one apple. I mostly have organic vegetables, and only eat free-range chicken or grass fed meat. Never eat meat from the supermarket, which is feedlot meat, and will make you progressively sick. I would also strongly advise you to read Grain Brain by David Perlmutter. That book made probably the hugest difference in my health – for a long time I had suspected that gluten was making me not only ill, but depressed as well, and now know that was absolutely what was happening. Now I know that if I go off my healthy diet and cheat a bit too often, I will be weepy, irritable and depressed for days. That disappears as soon as I go back gluten free. Good luck. But just remember – no preservatives, ever and that means nothing with a number. That makes all the difference. (Also beware many things, including fruit salad and salads in cafes – many put a miniscule amount of a sulphate in to help them stay fresh, and they don’t have to tell you it has been added. It can make you incredibly sick. It puts me in bed, vomiting for days.) Also, no soy or tamari sauce either.

  4. Has anyone noticed when you’re eating celery or peppers and other stuff you can swear you taste onion but are carful not to buy things that may have touched or sat next to onions but still taste onion well point is I believe I can taste it and guess is they have been grown in soil that previously contained onions (there is always some crops tilled into the soil) crazy! I know but I put it down if I pick that taste up and also a few years ago almost nothing came up for onion allergies so thanks to everyone

  5. This article describes me. I had chicken at one of our restaurants over the weekend ,only to find out they inject their chickens with garlic. I got the worst headache and began vomiting. I was so sick! People. Think it is all in my head. Will share this. Thank you.

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